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F O R E V E R ♥ B L O N D E S

Graphics community of Michaela & Cass.

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Welcome to Forever Blondes. This is a graphics community but we may post other things such as fanfics, tutorials, etc.

This community is just for Michaela and Cass. We are not accepting new art makers at the moment, but that may change later on. So joining the community right now will not allow you posting access. You don't have to join the community to see posts, but it would be nice, that way we know who our fans are. Thanks and enjoy!

Want to be an affiliate of the community? Just tell us in a comment anywhere and we'll work it out.
We do have a few rules, that must be followed so make sure you read through these.

1. Comments are not a must, but they are greatly appreciated, so please try to do that as often as you can. We work hard at what we do, so if you could leave us comments and tell us if you are using anything, that'd be greatly appreciated.

2. Do NOT steal anything, without crediting us. You MUST credit the maker wherever you use it, whether it be on livejournal or somewhere else on the web. A link to the community is fantastic.

3. Don't use the art as your own. Don't change them, including textless icons. If you would like to add text to something or change it in some way, you need to contact the maker and ask them first, and you must still credit.

4. No hotlinking, please. That's just really rude. Host everything yourself please.