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03 July 2010 @ 06:34 pm
Mark/Lea/Cory picspam  
so originally I was just going to do a Lea/Cory picspam, but Lea/Mark are soo cute together that I decided to do one for them as well. then I decided to just put it all together, so here's a picspam of Lea/Cory, Lea/Mark and the three together. :)


BONUS! videos;

"you have cute hands" - M&L
M&L hugging and handholding
"Mark that was hot, I wanna make out with you" - M&L
M&L accept award together (and Vampire Diaries wins!)
M&L whispering at Gleek tour q&a
M&L handholding and armwrapping

C&L on flipcam at Gleek tour
Cory steals flipcam backstage
C&L reenact Aussie couple scene
C&L hug on extra

and, because I love them too!: Jon/Lea cuteness


isn't it soo adorable how Mark & Lea are always holding hands? even at the big Glee events with the entire cast sitting around and they're always holding hands and wrapping arms around each other, adorable! and Lea & Cory are so cute together and have such great chemistry <3

anyways, hope you enjoyed! comments are greatly appreciated :D no bashing anyone though, please ;) I prefer you not use the pics as bases for anything in the future or post them anywhere else, but if you do just PLEASE credit[link] the community! :)


ps; pics come from:
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Cass: finn & rachelxblondecutieo23 on July 5th, 2010 11:35 pm (UTC)
I know right! glad you enjoyed :) and love your icon, he's soo cute!