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29 June 2010 @ 01:11 pm
Rachel/Finn Season One Picspam  
I'm an obsessed gleek now [I hated it before] and I loove Finn & Rachel so I've decided to do a season one picspam + quotes of them :) Rachel/Puck and Mark/Lea/Cory will be up soon as well!

aww, I loove their last scene with the arm holding and him smiling <3 though really, I love all their scenes!

anyways, hope you enjoyed! comments are greatly appreciated :D I'd love to hear thoughts about the picspam and the couple :) but no bashing please! if you don't like them then you shouldn't be looking at it lol. also, I prefer you not use the caps for anything in the future or post them anywhere else, but if you do please at least credit[link] the community.

I'm already finishing up a [shorter] Puck/Rachel s1 picspam to post later today or this week... cuz even though F/R is my absolute number one and I ship them for endgame, I can't help but like P/R too! and a Cory/Lea/Mark <3 one soon as well :) thanks!

ps; caps come from:
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Cass: finn & rachelxblondecutieo23 on June 29th, 2010 06:50 pm (UTC)
I totally agree! I don't get hate for them whatsoever lol. I actually loved Rachel with both Puck and Jesse (Lea and Jon's friendship is so adorable!) as well. and Mr. Schue! so I can understand people being fans of each of them, but Finn and Rachel are wayyy too adorable and perfect, not to mention CORE OF THE SHOW, to hate on! plus Lea and Cory's amazing musical and non-musical chemistry together <3

thanks :)